Transfers, Telepathy and Flying

What a strange week and it is only Thursday. My Dell has been giving out warning signs for a few months. So Monday was spent with a collection of technical wizards online trying to get Office to open. They fixed it, and I spent three hours watching them do things on my screen. But it was clearly not going to last much longer. I am a happier person on a Mac, so I finally realised that it was time to get an iMac. Brexit, of course, has ramped up the price of computers. I don’t suppose the idiots, who decided it is a good idea to be an isolated island in a freezing cold sea, even thought about these things. So shopped around and found one at the pre-Brexit price and saved £500. It arrived Tuesday, and I spend most of the day doing the file transfer. Once I got the app to work on the Dell, it was easy. The information leapt from my PC to my iMac. I am amazed how fast transfers happen now. My iPhone only took a couple of hours. This took longer, but there are all my manuscripts sitting happily on my new desktop with its photo of Italy to remind me that I was so happy there and must go back soon.

My book cover designs are arriving. I find this part quite hard as there are so many to choose from. One designer is looking promising, but it is early days. I got my ISBN, so my book is official and protected when it is published at the end of the month. Doing my usual silly thing with a subtitle. I am never sure if it is a good idea. Having the word ‘sex’ in the subtitle might boost sales, but is there really more sex than in the average book? I think not, so I might change that. Planning a few days with a printout and a red pen. This makes me very happy. I think I am a born editor.

Taking myself to Manchester for a trip just before my birthday in a couple of week’s time. I managed to get a corporate ticket for a sold-out concert – tenacity is my top skill. So staying a couple of days to see the Art Gallery and then my favourite blues singer Beth Hart. Lunch in Harvey Nicks is on the schedule.

My telepathy, if I ever had that gift, failed me this week. I had the most ridiculous conversation with someone online. Apparently, I am a friend of someone who had made someone’s life a misery. Had no idea what they were talking about and it was pointless to continue the conversation. This online friend thing is really out of control. Who do we care about anyway? I care about the people I can see and touch. I care about my old friends, family and anyone who shares my bed. Most people on social media can be at the bottom of the ocean for all I care. Sometimes you get to know a person really well online and feel concern for their well-being. You may send birthday greetings, but honestly, unless they are occasionally in the pub with me, other than polite, good wishes, they don’t get a second thought. I am there to sell my books and enjoy some good chat. My social media contacts are my potential market, and that has to be my priority.

In spite of all the silliness, I booked my flights – Sydney via Vancouver.

I’m going home.