The University Cat: A Tale for Grownups and Graduates definitely wasn’t what I had expected. The story has a definite magical, whimsical feel about it. Penny is a super intelligent, well-educated Siamese cat who has moved into Professor Eagle’s office, and immediately becomes targeted by the gargoyles. Terrifying times lie ahead in the University Museum, and Penny is square in the middle of it.

I liked how the book focused a lot on Penny. It’s not every day you encounter a main character who is a cat. Another one of the characters, Poodle, is an animal too (a dog, as you might have guessed). Yet despite having animals as protagonists, the author does a remarkable job of portraying the animals as having actual personality traits.

The writing wasn’t too complex, and it was a pretty straightforward, but fun read.

July 4 – 2016