Publish and be damned

I am trying to forget today. It was suggested to me that I should not be so frank on this blog.  I interpreted this suggestion rather badly. I also discovered that my copyright had been infringed as portions of the blog were used without my permission.

I write from my own perspective; I write about the world as I see it; as it touches me. If people hurt me, then I say so. Writing is about honesty, but that honesty can be subjective. I can only write what I feel and what I care about. I do value friendship above all things and once my friendship is lost, it is gone forever. 

I have a lot of subscribers and most have never heard of a virtual world online. That is why I seldom mention them here, even though I sometimes teach courses about online identity. These places are irrelevant to the majority of people. I have one or two readers from those communities, who enjoy what I write and I thank them. In a virtual world, your identity is something you make up. You may claim you are one thing, perhaps a pilot, and you might be a plumber. You are your own invention. Those who interact with you may, or may not, believe you. Then, suddenly last week, there was a group of people who saw my blog as a source of joyous gossip and they spread it round, unable to distinguish the truth from what they wanted to believe, or chose to invent. They see the world from their own narrow perspective. So be it. We all do.

If I deviate from my own sense of what is real to me, then I am not writing truthfully.  If you think you are reading about someone you might know, well maybe you are, and then, maybe you are not. A virtual identity may be completely fictional. A real identity can be equally fluid. I don’t name people, real or virtual, unless they are happy for me to do so and I try to respect the intellectual property rights of others. But make no mistake, if it is out there on the internet, I will grab it and use it as inspiration. I like to comment a lot on the roles of women and the way that men treat them. I am not alone in doing this.

So here’s what I am saying:
If you don’t like what I write, you don’t have to read it.
If you think you know who I am writing about –  fine – but it’s not juicy gossip. 
And don’t forget, I write fiction.


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