Ireland 2015

Tullarmore Dew 1Taking off on the next part of the adventure. Ryanair this time – a sort of bus with wings – cold and uncomfortable. I was hoping for a nap but I fear this will be impossible as the other passengers are all cackling away. This is cattle class so I am grateful the flight is only forty five minutes. Some of the cabin staff hardly fit along the aisle – funny that. I wonder what they do when they don’t fit any more.

I want to record my feelings right now as this is important. All is going to plan so far and this week I want to relax and get to know my friend. It is an unusual situation, not helped by the appalling TV programs about meeting your online love. I know what he looks like, know his moods and feelings as well as I would know those of a real life friend. What is missing are the other senses, as online we only experience sight and sound. Soon he will be in 3D. The plane is in the air and I have to say that I am feeling very sick, but I expect that is a lack of breakfast and unusually for me, nerves. Doing lots of slow breathing and trying not to look too closely at the decor or my fellow travellers.

Wondering how Philip is feeling and I am sure it is much the same as me. We are excited and happy and for both of us, this meeting will change our lives, in a good way, I think. If I am honest, he is my soul mate ( to use a ridiculous phrase). Our thoughts and feelings mesh pretty well on most things when we are online and it will be intriguing to see if that also happens offline. I will know in about an hours time. I can honestly say that he matters and my life won’t go forward without this meeting taking place.

Whether I report what happens next is undecided but for now I am keeping silent. The next few days are solely between the two of us. No one else needs to know.

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