February 2015

Flying at last, so it is time to review all that has happened in the last few months. Still unsure if this is the right decision but unless I try it, I will never know. Change is good. My energy and my self-awareness have been more positive as the departure date approached. A note that I am less that happy as the plane bumps. That is odd, as I except the motion of a train without question.

So come through the planning pretty well with some glips to iron out, mainly with getting back the duty charged on my four-year-old computer. I think the Australian agent is at fault here and as soon as I land there will be a pile of paperwork for a refund. Turning into a tough cookie these days.

That brings me to exactly who I am now. I expect lots of people will say ‘welcome home’, but it’s not home. Home is a time, not just a place and that time has gone now as have most of the people I loved. It’s best to approach this as a new country because I can already sense that is will be not just a climate shock but also a culture shock. There is a lot about Australia that admirable. A lot is truly world-class especially the now almost smoking-free population and the environmental awareness. But it is only a small place, so these things are achievable, and we all vote it is compulsory so we truly make the decisions. I say ‘we’ because I think I am really Australian now, and I am very proud of my adopted home and our stunning neighbour, New Zealand. Politically they are so far ahead in social planning and community building the rest of the world should take note. What NZ does today, you will do tomorrow.

Some things have to be set as a priority now. Be kind and helpful to those who are helping me. Do not lose my energy and keep fit and healthy. That is the cornerstone of this project. Think like an Australian – get off my ass and get outdoors. There can be no excuses. Find a pool and fast and use the comfort and therapy it brings. Keep up the hypnotherapy – it works. Accept offers and try everything. It might not work but at least you will have tried.

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