November 2014

IMG_0820I thought I should update this blog with a full medical report – gastroenteritis. Toast, toast and more toast. Yummy. Also, very odd dreams that could be the result of the toast as there is no other explanation. So after my serving of ‘Toast du Matin’, which I shall say was delightful in order to keep my spirits up, I intended to go for a walk on the beach. The beach is something I shall miss very badly, and I am now cherishing every minute I spend there. I shall be a grounded mermaid very soon and for someone who loves the water this will be painful. I am hoping that people don’t go swimming much in the winter in the UK, and I can find a quiet pool to call my own.

Little Cousin is cheerfully suggesting ‘wine, wine, wine’ on Twitter. One glass, perhaps, as it is banned due to the sugar. So many things are banned in order to keep my body fit and functioning better than it did 20 years ago. I have a size 10/12 wardrobe and I like it that way. Time don’t stop, but I can at least make it see reason.

I have a new inmate to watch over. Known as BabyBird, its parents have drawn blood on two occasions trying to keep me away from the nest, as if I looked as if I might climb the damn tree. So now they have dumped their offspring in my courtyard, where the squawking only stops while feeding. The parents can be seen several times a day shoving the most enormous insects into the ever-open beak. BabyBird gets heavier every day, and I am hoping it will fly away soon as my palm has a lot of badly bent leaves. The noise is pretty awful, and I now know why babies cry so persistently – it’s all food, food, food. The baby now looks bigger than its parents, and I expect once the fluffy baby coat gets shed, it will fly away. So for now I am banned from that side of the courtyard. I suppose this is a privilege.

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