Welcome to my web site. It contains a collection of stories, poems, articles and my blog. You can follow the links to my books published on Amazon: Relatively Accidental, Tails from the Cat Shop and The University Cat: A Tale for Grown Ups and Graduates. You will also find a collection of my poems from 1980 to 2015 entitled Richard & Other Lovers.





Jessika Jenvieve writes urban fantasy, combining the fantastic with the ridiculous and funny. She loves art history and crime fiction. She is passionate about sports cars, the blues and the ocean.

Life has taken her on a long and unexpected journey from England to Australia and back again. She is an alumna of Bretton Hall, and also City University in London. After graduating, she followed her heart and tried her luck as an actress and singer. She designed costumes and won some awards, then dabbled in lighting design and finally settled on a career as a stage manager. She landed the best job in the world as a stage manager at the Sydney Opera House, spending ten years backstage with some of the greatest performers and musicians. In 2015 she returned to the England to seek her fortune as a writer.


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