A Thinking-Free Week

Tapioca pudding today, as I found some seed tapioca in the cupboard. Will have lots of little puddings in the freezer for later. This will be the first time I have made this with a sugar substitute so it will be interesting to see how it tastes. The sugar-free diet is so wonderful. I don’t miss the sugar and now have a normal healthy BMI and wearing heels does not hurt. It’s taken 10 months and my first piece of cake will be at Chloe’s wedding. The success of my lifestyle change is really determined by my health. I think if I am slim and fit, it will be so much easier to make the transition. Found an old pair of jeans and chopped them into shorts for wearing around the house. I would not have done that last year. Not sure if I will walk to the shop in them. I might wait till the edges fray nicely and my legs tan some more.

Call to cousins this morning. What can I say – my family are the best.

I’m taking Philip’s advice and having a week off from organising and planning. Got far enough for now. It can wait. The situation at work is depressing and I wrestle between my feelings of sadness for a colleague, and a sense of horror and disgust that someone I liked could write such appalling things. It is also a good reminder to be careful as I build my characters to try and be fair and objective. The character of the male detective has been growing in my mind for about a week now. I have to slow right down when I think about him as this seems to be his speed. I can’t hear his voice yet, but I am starting to see him. Interesting that I got shopping in my mind for my character’s clothes. It gives them shape and clarity. This is a jeans and jumper sort of guy – no fuss- really good quality, high-end, but still jeans and jumper. He is dark blues and browns, with intelligence and class. Writing myself someone to love? Maybe, I would not be the first to do that.

It’s hot and I have moved out of the sun as I was dehydrating myself. Some aspects of this climate I can do without but that amazing blue sky will be hard to give up.