My head is all over the place. I seem to be totally preoccupied by what are really other people’s problems. Not that I don’t care but it is blotting out my own situation. Got up at 6, had breakfast and realised I had not washed my hair. Damn. No clean towels in the bathroom and the awful executive meeting to face. Put the radio on and got on with it; hair, shower, dress, makeup and fruit for lunch. Hang on – the announcer says it’s Sunday. Is it? And it was – it was Sunday. Back to bed and amused myself online for a few hours.

On my big walk, I thought about the complete insanity of leaving this lovely weather and deciding that great as it was, it would never be the same for me now I was alone. So I need to map out strategies for living back in uk. Cambridge might be fine to get started, but no good long term. Too expensive to buy and it is a big city. Essential for me is a home, somewhere to walk preferably by the ocean. Somewhere that is safe and secure with not too many people and some local work opportunities. And top of the list is super fast internet and good heating. Is that impossible?

So the plan – find work in university town. Take a look around the south coast – I wonder if there is a train? Then decide where I want to end up and find myself a studio flat. Even if I don’t live in my place first off, I can rent it out. Wherever I am, I must walk every day and find an indoor pool. No excuses – staying super fit is the key to all this.

So the next step is to review the mover’s quote. Check out trains along south coast and plan a trip. Do it out of season and it will cut the cost. I think I might be entitled to a rail card – check that out too. Stay in pubs and it will be cheap. I have to learn about buying a leasehold as that may be the way to do this. So more research.

Oh, and try to remember what day it is.