October 2014

Not a good couple of weeks to work at the University. One of the Professors was suspended for sending emails with racist and sexist content. Interestingly, this story came from one of two groups of ‘B’ grade journalists  publishing controversial articles on the university. Some were former students so maybe they have an axe to grind here. Last week one woman posed as a student in order to get a story on left wing bias in teaching. The two groups have been conducting a war of words on Twitter. Lots of ‘ya, boo, sucks’ tweets from them today, over who got the more sensational story. Something does not smell right here.

As for the Professor, I can only judge this man by his behaviour to me over the five years I have known him.  He has been kind and courteous and helpful. He has never shown a hint of bias against me as a woman and is far more polite and far less condescending than many of his colleagues.  As yet we have only seen the email snippets taken out of context so we can’t judge. But I am saying quite loudly here that I will judge the man I know before  I let myself be influenced  by  the ranting of any self-serving media hacks. If all this is true, I hope he will have the courage to stand up and say so and apologise. I only hope the university give him a chance to have his day in court. I suspect they will want to sweep it under the carpet as they always do when faced with any contentious issues. But if all this is true, how sad that we have been deceived by this man.

It is now a really depressing place to work and I am really glad I only have a few more weeks left.

Finding it hard to sell furniture on eBay or Gumtree now even if you are asking a low price. I guess the shops are so full of cheap, poor quality stuff that no one is interested in a bargain.  I suspect I will have the same trouble with the car, two years old and really low mileage and impossible to sell, even for a fair price.

Yep, a depressing couple of weeks!