A Book for Kathryn


I have a book for you
I have read it many times but love it still.
The story of sad Alberta in a winter Paris,
from in a warm bookshop down the wynds of Edinburgh Old Town.
A long night’s reading, feeling her loss, so soon to be mine.

I have a book for you,
a story of a film, the craziness of Hollywood.
Thousands of pages like discarded scripts piled high on sets and stages.
Someone made a film of the book of the film and made me laugh.

I have a book for you,
the strong wings of an angel, a real angel in love,
a strange love between heaven and earth.
Wings so large, they hold me still.

Take these books
breathe in the dust of Cairo streets,
see the narrow boats floating on the Ouse.
Books still scented from my lover’s bed or stale from the airport shop.
Walk through my life.

I have a book for you.