January 2015

Little cousins are safe at home and the apartment now seems very empty. Interesting to have people around me all the time. It was a new experience for me. I think I have to work at it a bit, but on the whole I really liked it. I have been by myself for the last 10 years or more and I guess being solitary makes you weird.

My bed sold yesterday and will leave this weekend with the rest of my bedroom furniture. I find I always have a plan B so trying to look at the camp bed as an exciting new option, hmmmm. I said trying, not sure I will succeed, but I am trying. Last night was so very hot that I am glad to be awake just to put my feet in some cold water this morning. I have been badly bitten too so sealing up the bedroom and spraying like mad. Mosquitoes are a curse. Today’s check list item is a trip to the bank followed by the beach as a round trip on the bus. Since Murphy, my car went to the new owner, the walk to the beach is long and hard in the heat and I have to work on strategies to get there. Soon there will be no beach and I shall pine badly as it is really one of the most important things in my life. Giving up the beach is really hard so I must enjoy it while I have it.

Writing is not going well as life has been so frantic this week. I am hoping for a long session this weekend while I wait for furniture to be collected. The next chapter is in my head so I want to get it on paper very soon as it is a turning point in the narrative.

I listened to a radio program on Vlogging earlier. Now I could do that, I think. Most of the Vloggers are very young and it is an advertising vehicle so I am wondering who represents my age group. I shall do a bit of research later. Skills needed are a screen presence, being interesting and articulate, and finally having something to say. I think I can check all those boxes. It’s a great vehicle to sell the book and even to discuss the creative process which I am finding intriguing. Apparently Vloggers talk about their boobs and makeup. Ok I can do that too. No reason why not. Age should not be a barrier, but I think the creative process might be more engaging. I have my YouTube channel already so I am just need to sort the technical bit. I think I can see my producer designate lurking in the wings already and he did great tops and tail stuff for my poetry recordings. If the 20/30 age group attract the advertisers dollars, then the 50/60 group with a higher spending power need representation and that is going to be me!