Talking to my Characters

Another week passes and all the flights are booked. Time is going too fast and I have been working too hard. How many sets of minutes and newsletters do I have to do before my shoulder locks up completely. So annoyed at being in bed and immobile. Even more cross because I know that I have to break the habit of overworking and not sure I can.

The University Cat is now in draft 6 and nearly ready for the last read through before I publish. I have stepped back from it as my head is in the wrong place to do the revision and editing right now. That needs tranquility and concentration and that has been disrupted. Real amazed how everything is beginning to take second place to writing. Right now my mind is racing around and wrestling with the awful uncertainty of having no place to live. Had a wonderful offer of a place to live in Glascow. So generous but just not the right place for me.

So today has to be sleeping, then stretching in the hope that the muscles will untangle themselves and I can move without squealing. I guess it is a morning of hypnotherapy and thinking.

Some nice character developments in Book 3. For some reason I have created a French Canadian paramedic, who I assumed was a minor character. A quick Google to get background and it seems Jack Kerouac was the son of French Canadians. I loved On the Road, in spite of a real uncomfortable feeling about Kerouac’s attitude towards women. His wife’s book confirmed for me that he was the type of man your heart draws you to and your head says run away and fast. The black and white photos show a man who would certainly draw me across the room for a closer look. So something to consider as my character called Jean, starts to demand my attention. I don’t think he is going to be the nice guy that I first imagined. I think he may be obsessive and dangerous. I shall have to have words with him.

Interesting that I have my characters to talk to. The journey ahead of me is something that only I can take, by myself. There can’t be a final destination or anyone waiting for me at the other side. If I am to be the writer I want to be then it is just me and my characters. Not sure they will be good company right now.