December 2014

IMG_0631The end of the year is nearly here and I have one month left in Australia. Leaving the sunshine and familiar surroundings is really beginning to hurt now. I know it is the right decision and sticking to my sense of purpose is what matters. I could stay here to the end of my life and achieve nothing, I can move on and change and have at least tried. It is better not to think about it too much and concentrate on the practicalities of the move. These have been on hold while I welcomed my visitors and soon the move will have to be front and centre. Starting to photograph the rest of my furniture as this must go on sale next week.

Exciting time chasing an enormous spider last night. I hate killing them but no way anyone would sleep while it roamed around inside. Poor spider, the squeals alone should have driven it outside.

I think what is troubling me so much about the UK is that I won’t like the society I find there. Sydney is tolerant and friendly most of the time and I am not sure I will find that in the UK. The media presents the UK as a very ugly place now. TV dramas set in beautiful English countryside full of loutish, ugly people. That cannot possibly be true but looking in right now that is what I see. There will be family and that will be wonderful. I think they understand the rather solitary person that I am. I spend most of my time outdoors and that will be something I have to adjust to. No more throwing open the doors and windows the moment I wake up and eating breakfast outside.

The book is chugging along nicely with threads appearing that I had not expected. I may be getting bogged down in research so must be mindful that the story must be the driving force. Thinking I might locate one of my character backgrounds to California as I will be there in four weeks. Tonight we go to Cirque de Soleil. Very excited as I have not seen a live show since their early days.

Wonderful sunny day and my only job is to enjoy it.