Selling Murphy

Things were going hunky dory, and I was settling in to enjoy my last eight weeks in Sydney. Then I advertised my car for sale and things turned sour. It’s a nice little car, eighteen months old with a very low fourteen thousand km on the clock. Neat tidy loved and cared for. Non-smoker, no children, no dog, no passengers, well a couple once I think. One careful owner. I thought this would be a snip, but I am rapidly reaching a choice between giving the car to a charity or abandoning it out west somewhere. I am an honest person but even giving it away means I will owe a finance company about ten thousand dollars.

So what is going on here? Department of Fair Trading take note. First the car went on Gumtree and within hours I was besieged by phishing texts from morons wanting to get my email. Then came the emails trying to get me to click on the link so my password could be collected, and my personal information stolen. Then the weird texts from trolls and nutters and losers, who are ‘starting a new job and will I give them the car for one thousand dollars. So deleted that lot and removed my advert. Gumtree were good and gave me a refund.

I had also paid for two adverts on major car sales sites which were not cheap. Then the inquiries started to arrive from the grammatically challenged, usually called Shane or Tracy, which reads ‘is yr car still 4 sale pl send details’. I was tempted to respond with ‘read the advert dumbo’ but instead sent a short, polite reply with main points suggesting they call me and arrange to view.

Then, there are the dealers, and I called one of the IWILLBUYYRCAR dot coms. What I didn’t know is a price fixing cartel is operated on behalf of the dealers. So whoever you contact you will be directed to a central clearing house and offered the same price – in my case $5000 for an eighteen month old new car that sells for almost $12,000 new. No point shopping around here, that is the price they give you. My lovely car would then be marked up to $8900, and some greasy yob of a car dealer makes huge profit.

So here I am nearly ready to leave with a car that I can’t sell. Honest Buyers wanted asap.