Not so Happy Birthday

Yesterday was a surprise. It was my birthday and day started really well with a funny eCard and a lovely FB message. I had a bit of a bask in the warmth. Having found my Philip online, I am only a few weeks before I see him in the flesh. Excited but we are both realistic about the outcome. I imagine walking around each other like puppies sniffing. I believe partners are usually selected by scent. So the experts say.

After that happy beginning my day fell apart. Putting aside the numerous graphic descriptions, I had food poisoning. Top of my list of suspects is the calamari I ate on the weekend. It’s extremely hot here so maybe something was not kept cool. I certainly won’t be having that again. The morning went on and I was not functioning quite right, what with racing up and down to the bathroom, toothbrush and wet wipes in hand. Had a little spat of ‘it’s my birthday- this is not fair’. Finally gave up and drove home with a supply of sturdy plastic bags on the passenger seat just in case.

So emailed my friend who shares this birthday and the next thing I knew was the emails were flooding in from the UK from old friends I thought were lost. My pal had told everyone I was sick and everyone rallied around and gave me a really nice cake-free birthday.

Now it’s the next day and I am waiting to see the doctor. Not eaten a thing for almost 24 hours and decided to try a little snack as I am very hungry. So half a toasted bagel and hot water with lemon. We will see which way it goes.