Word Counts

A promising morning with another chapter written. The word count is just over 12 thousand now and seems to be mainly back story. Planning a walk at lunchtime to think about this. I imagine that these characters are coming out of my imagination, and I intuitively know their histories, after all I created them. My readers, on the other hand, need a good introduction to allow them to form a relationship with the characters. I suppose it is good practice to over-write the back story, so I am sure the reader knows who I am talking about before I move the plot forward. Philip has a cast list which I find useful to allow me to set the times frame for each character. Each of the key groups is now explained with some more to go on the Kettle Family history. The paramedic is still hiding his story from me. When it comes, it will be exciting I think, but right now I have no idea what it is.The plot line seems not to progress just yet a while. But it will. I can sort of sense that once the stepping stones are in place I will go racing ahead.

Melbourne Cup this week and my horse came in third, and I was the happy winner of $8. Sydney looks and smells wonderful right now, and I try not to think about the approaching date of departure. The decision is made, and I have to concentrate on writing if I am to be ready for a complete change to my life. It’s a bit like believing your own publicity handouts – you just have to do it.

Planning all sorts of things like a getting a professional photo done for my sites and taking time to make sure all my out-facing branding is consistent and correct. Amazing what you learn to do. Also need to start looking for copywriting work in the UK. I might as well explore the opportunities now. Sold my desk this week so a big move round on the weekend. I might see if my neighbour has a card table I can use for a couple of months.

Special treat at lunchtime as I head out for a sushi lunch and to buy some tea from the gorgeous T2 shop. I think we better have a tea pot too.