I hate eBay

The day slides slowly downhill as I get grumpy. It started off so well, bright-eyed and full of bounce. What happened? EBay happened. Loading a couple of images used to take a few minutes, and now it takes hours. A new photo policy apparently. I am trying to sell things before I move and I had noticed recently that not only do things not sell, but the choice of items to buy were becoming fewer, unless you want a lot of junk from China. Thankfully, once I relocate, I can close the account and find something better. It’s annoying when I have to sell things before I leave. I wake up at night and wonder how in the world I will sell the car. The online sites are a disaster, full of people phishing and it is definately not safe to show your car to someone by yourself if you are a woman. I can only hope it gets stolen, which would solve the problem once and for all.

On the plus side, lots of wonderful photographs of my baby third cousin’s christening. What a brilliant baby, she was smiling and happy. Even the priest picked her up. I thought they usually splashed the water and raced behind the font before the screaming started. Great to see my family smiling and lots of new people I expect to meet when I arrive for the wedding in February. Late October and no one looked really cold. That is comforting. Best cake too.

Philip and I are trying not to talk about meeting for the first time, in the flesh. We have set out the when and where, as far as my plans permit and have to leave it at that for now. I can’t believe he has been my online companion for two years now. I guess we know each other as well as we can as digital penpals. There was a program called Catfish on TV about this. I saw about 2 minutes of the trailer online; enough to realise it was horrible, trivialised and cruel. It exploited and demeaned the people who took part. Our meeting will not be like that and there will only be the two of us to see what happens. I am not expecting love at first sight, but I am expecting to hug my dear friend for the first time. That will be a very important moment.