Pudding and Passion

I can report that sugar-free tapioca pudding tastes just fine, so that particular recipe can be saved. I am attempting to get some real solid bits of writing done this week and having lots of conversations with my characters. I fear I may be behaving a bit strange. It’s like having imaginary friends.

I was asked about ‘passion’ last night. I giggled in a distracting way to hide the fact that I had not really thought about the subject seriously. This morning I decided it was time to think about it so I looked on Wikipedia – Passion is an intense emotion, compelling enthusiasm or desire for anything. Oh that, right. Now I know why I was giggling. I have not thought about this seriously at all. Then I realised that maybe my emotions were so intense all the time, that most people duck and run before I attack them with my compelling enthusiams. Passions, I have by the bucket load, and enough enthusiasms to power a small corner of the planet. I do need to sort them into categories and locate the off-switch. I looked further into the definition, and I think we were actually talking about passion as an improved and prefered position to lust. I can get passionate about a pair of shoes, but maybe I am only lusting. Next time I am in Jimmy Choos, I will test this theory and try not to dribble on the merchandise. I have a feeling that I only do ’emotions’ at 100 miles an hour, and this leads to a real lack of definition as to which emotion I am feeling at any given time. I think I need to separate my passion for people and shoes damn quick.

So how is this playing out in my writing? I am dealing with characters who are locked in obsessions, good and bad. As I will be writing about strong emotions, I need to set myself some boundaries as to what I am actually talking about when I describe their feelings.

As for the person who asked me the question. I think they can see my passion for them through all my defenses. Anyway, I hope so.