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Jessika Jenvieve currently lives in Australia. She has been on a long and unexpected journey from a small town in rural England. The theatre was her first love, as an actress and singer; then after designing costumes and winning some awards, she moved into lighting design and finally to stage management. That road let her to the Sydney Opera House where she spent ten years backstage with some of the greatest performers and musicians in the world.

She moved on to the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000 and does not remember sleeping for that year. The next few years were study and trying out new careers, until she found herself working at a University.

Her fascination with Virtual Worlds provided her with another place to perform and she  sometimes gives lectures on what it is like to have multiple online identities. She has many names as she changes hers regularly to escape from herself. Her real name was lost at Heathrow Airport and has never been recovered.

She loves sports cars, the blues and the ocean. She never stops writing. Her books, Tails from the Cat Shop and  The University Cat: A Tale for Grown Ups and Graduates are both available on Amazon.

Revive for a Moment is the title of her next work in progress.

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